FULL- 11c Ludlow - Teaching for Mastery - Planning for Greater Depth (Years 4 & 5) - Starts Wednesday, 30 January 2019 - 9.15am to 3.15pm

Wednesday 30 January, Wednesday 20 March, Wednesday 12 June, Ludlow Mascall Centre

Please  note that this work group is exclusively for schools that are participating in the Salop and Herefordshire Teaching for Mastery programme, either this year, last year or 2016-17.

Please email if you wish to register an interest in participating in Teaching for Mastery work groups for 2019-20.

Developing Mastery in Greater depth: how can you improve opportunities for pupils to work at a greater depth?

Who will be leading the group?

Julie Marston & Jane Taft

Julie is a Primary Maths Teaching for Mastery Specialist and NCETM PD Accredited lead. She is an experienced Primary Maths leader, with MaST qualification, and Masters in Primary Maths Education. Julie has undertaken extensive Primary Maths research, including variation theory, and worked collaboratively as part of the Shanghai and England teacher exchange. She has led Teaching for Mastery and Lesson Design work groups for Salop and Herefordshire Maths Hub.

Jane is an experienced and successful Primary teacher. As Maths lead, Jane has led Teaching for Mastery developments, which are now embedded in all classes in her school and partner school, including EYFS. Jane has completed the PG Cert Specialist Primary Maths Practise qualification and is taking the NCETM Primary Accredited PD Lead this year.

Who is it for?

Teachers who have already started to embed teaching for mastery in their schools can join a Work Group to delve deeper into one of the issues this approach generates.

What will it involve?

Participation in three, one-day workshops, with completion of gap tasks between the workshops.  These workshops are to support provision for all​ pupils to access opportunities encouraging them to think deeply about mathematics.

The workshops will consider specifically:

  • What it means to be working at 'greater depth'
  • How do we know pupils are thinking at a 'greater depth'? What characteristics are evident in their response to learning.
  • How variation and intelligent practice can be used to design activities to enhance and deepen pupils' understanding

What is the cost?


Cover costs of up to £180 per day will be paid for teachers in their first two years of teaching.